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We started AURA because we wanted to enjoy music at the best places in Barcelona. When watching the sunset in Barceloneta, enjoying the view at the Bunkers, or celebrating a house party, we didn’t want to cope with noise complaints and angry neighbors anymore.​

That's why we came up with AURA, a headphone system that enables people to enjoy music together, everywhere, and anytime.

Quickly we realized that there are so many more applications for AURA than just parties. Whether you want to meditate in the park, work out at the beach, enjoy an outdoor cinema or make your sightseeing tour an unforgettable experience, with AURA you can create the right atmosphere anywhere, anytime.

Our Mission is to create a unique music experience and make people enjoy their favorite music together. 

Meet The Team

This is our team, a lot of smiling happy people who work hard to give you a unique music experience

AURA Silent Disco Founder Lance Durrham

Lance Durrham

Founder & Business Development

AURA Silent Disco - Co-Founder  Manuel Wotsch

Manuel Wotsch

Co-Founder, Events & Business Development

AURA Silent Disco - Co-Founder Domiinik Kudera

Dominik Kudera

Co-Founder & Finance

AURA Silent Disco Intern Jacqueline Palma

Jacqueline Hernández Palma

Events & Marketing

AURA Silent Disco Headphones

Contact us

Feel free to get in touch with us. 

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